BC Young Fishermen's Gathering (BCYFG)

The BCYFG was designed in response to BC’s 'greying' fishing fleet, and was inspired by the Alaska Young Fishermen’s Summit. The BC Gathering supports fishermen early in their careers, by providing an opportunity to build skills and make connections to people and resources across the fishing industry.  

BCYFG 2019

23-24 January, 2019

Our 2019 Gathering was held in Victoria and attended by close to 100 folks from across the fishing industry. Attendees traveled up and down the coast, from Alaska to Bellingham, and from the Gulf of Mexico to Atlantic Canada for two days of learning and connecting. 

BCYFG 2019 Highlights

  • Panels and presentations by over 35 industry specialists 
  • Peer to peer knowledge exchange and networking
  • Group discussions on topics such as ghost gear, mentorship, public awareness of fishing, policies and programs to support new entrants
  • Field trip to Finest at Sea Victoria 

BCYFG in the news:


Gathering 2019 Agenda (pdf)


BCYFG 2018

6-7 February, 2018

The 2018 BC Young Fishermen's Gathering was held at the Britannia Shipyards, February 6-7. Close to 65 industry members, including over 40 young fishermen, gathered in Steveston for the two day workshop. 

BCYFG 2018 Highlights

 Speakers include (among others):

  • Bob Fraumeni, Finest at Sea
  • Sonia Strobel, Skipper Otto's
  • Executive Chef Ned Bell, Chefs for Oceans & OceanWise
  • Sean Barret, Dock to Dish 
  • Neil Davis, DFO
  • Dr. Carl Walters, UBC
  • Dr. Rashid Sumalia, UBC & Ocean Canada Partnership 
  • Rick Williams, Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters
  • Dr. Martin Gooch, Value Chain Management International

BCYFG in the news:



Gathering 2018 Agenda (pdf)


BCYFG 2017

24-25 January, 2017

The first annual BCYFG in Victoria, BC brought together over thirty youth from across the province and representation from nearly every fishery; from salmon trolling to sea cucumber diving.  

  • The two-day workshop provided a variety of tools and resources for early-career fishermen. 
  • Experienced fishermen and industry members offered valuable information on topics including alternative marketing strategies, financing a fishing operation, marine safety, and innovative solutions to fisheries issues.
  • A visit to Finest At Sea provided an interactive tour of a vertically integrated fishing operation. 


Gathering 2017 Agenda (pdf)